What We Do

Comprehensive Psychological Services 
and Affordable Treatment 

The Group Analytic Practice of Dallas provides a variety of treatment options for psychological and psychiatric disorders. We provide in-depth, affordable treatment. Our services include:

  • Psychotherapy assessment
  • Brief individual psychotherapy, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and psychoanalysis
  • Couple's and family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Medication consultation

How it Works

Problems in love and work, as well as troubling symptoms like depression and anxiety, often lead people to seek therapy. The therapists at the Group Analytic Practice of Dallas develop a helping relationship with each individual, so that the symptoms that led to therapy can be safely explored and understood. The support that psychotherapy provides allows for the safe exploration of painful problems and the resolution of conflicts that underlie them.

As trust develops, individuals are free to explore their inner feelings related to anger, intimacy, and spirituality. Before treatment, these feelings are frequently blocked and unavailable in useful ways. Psychotherapy often helps individuals see themselves in new ways; it can be thought of as an emotional education resulting in lasting changes. Therapy frequently ends with a greater sense of personal freedom to make wise choices for oneself in the context of one's community.

Does it Work?

Yes. The GAPD clinicians collectively have over 75 years experience in providing individual, marital and group psychotherapy. During the initial consultation sessions we will decide with you what form of treatment is most likely to lead to your personal success. There is a significant body of research that has shown that individual, group, and marital psychotherapy is effective. Some studies indicate group therapy is more effective than individual therapy.

Psychotherapy therapy is effective for a broad range of problems:

  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Depression
  • Fears and Anxiety
  • Motivational Problems
  • Life Transitions
  • Marital and Couple's Issues 
  • Stress
  • Emotional Trauma
  • Sexual Problems
  • Psychosomatic Difficulties


Those seeking psychotherapy have valid concerns about their privacy. GAPD clinicians have a strong commitment to your confidentiality. In therapy groups, a sense of trust develops that ensures the members' commitment to one another's privacy.


By developing our expertise in group therapy, we have found a way to bring our years of experience together to offer an affordable in-depth therapy option. Group is more and less than individual therapy. Not all individuals are ready for group analytic psychotherapy. When group is not the treatment of choice, individual psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, couples and family therapy, medication, or referral to our broad professional network is available. Group members tend to work in group for 1 to 3 years. The groups meet 40 weeks per year and the fee is averaged across 12 months.

Once a week group
$300 / month
Twice a week group
$600 / month
Couples group
$600 / month
Intial Consultation, Medication Management
Fees individually arranged


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