GAPDallas/T-Group Reflection


Reflection Group for Residents’ T-Group Experience

Sunday January 10, 2021

4:00 PM Pacific—6:00PM Central—7:00PM Eastern

90 Minutes on Zoom

To be recorded for distribution to AGPA

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University of California Davis Medical Center
University of Rochester Medical Center
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

The American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA) and the conductors of the
residents’ T-Groups would like to invite you to a group to reflect on your time in T-group.
Our goal is to share experiences across residencies in hopes of encouraging
experiential learning opportunities. It will be an open dialogue group where you can
participate freely. No preparation is necessary. To catalyze discussion, you may want to
reflect on the questions below and add some of your own:

1. Best and worst experience in T-Group.
2. Is T-Group worth the time? Should it be replaced with more didactics?
3. How might it be improved?
4. If you were the residency director would you include T-Group?

Please feel free to invite any colleagues you think would be interested. We plan to
convene past and current residents to reflect on their T-Group experiences. Our goal is
to better understand the residents’ experience of these groups and what aspects they
find the most and least valuable. Residents from several different training programs will
participate simultaneously in a large group format. This event is being organized by
members of the American Group Psychotherapy Association and will be distributed to
members of the organization for educational purposes. We hope this reflection will be
useful to you in your current or future work relationships.